Price List

Screen cleaning - coating and exposing screens - artwork preparation - materials sales

Need a helping hand with cleaning, coating or exposing screens? Short on paper stock that's perfect for printing? Scratching your head over how to make your ace artwork print-ready? Don't worry - we've got you covered.

Studio Rates

Studio Membership (Per Year)

Studio Hire (Per Hour)

Group Workshops
From £55.00 / £50.00 Concession

Private Lesson – 1 Person

Private Lesson – 2 People

Bespoke Sessions
Got ideas for your own session? We can help! Find out how here.
Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and we'll put together a quote. 

Screen Hire, Cleaning & Exposure

For members:

Screen Hire, Coat & Exposure (Per Sheffield Print Club Screen)
All Sizes £5.00

Coat & Exposure (Per Member's Own Screen)
Up to A3 £4.00 / Over A3 £6.00

The Sheffield Print Club team can also prepare your screens for you.

For members and non-members:

Screen Clean, Coat & Exposure (Per Non-Member's Own Screen)
Up to A3 £15.00 / Over A3 £17.00

Screen Deep Clean (Per Screen)
All Sizes £10.00

Artwork Preparation (Per Hour)

Card & Paper

220gsm Seawhite All-Media Cartridge Paper (Per Sheet)
A3 0.30p / A2 0.60p

300gsm Snowdon Cartridge Paper (Per Sheet)
A3 0.40p / A2 0.80p / A1 £1.60

290gsm Antique White Card (Per Sheet)
A3 0.40p / A2 0.80p

300gsm Seawhite White Card (Per Sheet)
A3 0.25p / A2 0.50p

Acetate (Per Sheet)
A4 0.25p / A3 0.50p

We can source a huge range of card and paper stocks for you. Email to let us know what type of weight, texture, and colour stock you'd like to print on, and we'll sort the rest!

Screen Printing Ink

Pre-mixed Inks (Kindly donated by Sheffield Institute of Art)
Paper Medium FREE

System3 Acrylic (Per Pot)
Paper Medium £4.00 / Textile Medium £5.00

We can mix up any colour of ink for you, for either fabric or paper printing, to your exact specifications.

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